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Re: 6 Tips for Business Growth Success

Some pretty good tips.
One thing to remember is that with joint or cross promos, you need to consider if the other party will benefit you or pull your business down.
Both parties need to be on the same page… which the infotainer has already answered the main goal, to make money.

BeTrue2B, post: 105381 wrote:
To help you achieve business growth, develop business marketing strategies which includes:

  1. Joint promotions
  2. Host beneficiaries
  3. Cross promotions
  4. Referral requests
  5. Relationship building techniques
  6. Networking

Benefits include:

  • Improving brand exposure
  • Sharing marketing costs
  • Developing new markets
  • Leveraging partner consumer base
  • Building new partner advocates

If you are serious about cross promotions, networking and other business growth strategies contact us about our Sensory Speed Networking Events.

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