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MsLilyPonds advice is great, but it would sort of go towards satisfying the online marketing niche, rather than the Allied Health niche (she did already pretty much say this, but felt the need to reiterate!).

You have to be careful about pitching your services too wide; online skills are great, if your niche needs online services. If not, marketing them is just going to dilute your core message.
I’d suggest doing a lot of research into the health field and into exactly what it is your niche does for their living day-to-day. Once you have that in hand it should be really easy to work out exactly what it is they need. Then you just figure out the best way to provide it and advertise the fact that you provide it.

Niche marketing is great, it’s just very, very focused – so you have to keep that in mind when considering whether to advertise your peripheral skills.