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Pace, post: 105803 wrote:
Perhaps offering services to those Professionals setting up on their own and needing a Virtual Office or a Personal Assistant for billing, appointments, Medicare, etc.

I was wondering what advise people have to offer on this and the possibilities for where exactly I could “market” this idea in what circles do Allied Health Professionals hang?

ANY tips and thoughts will be carefully considered, I know this is as much a “statement” post as a”question” I’m putting out there, any feedback would be super!

Hi Rachel,

One of our target markets this year is also allied health professionals, but having worked in the medical industry selling to providers there are a few things that I have picked up on the way.

Firstly, you really need to have a clear understand of what services you provide and how your services are going to benefit them. For example – in most cases, an allied health professional will still need to have rooms, so how will having a VA benefit them if they still need to have a receptionist greet the appointments? Or are you the “backup”? You then need to be able to communicate this very clearly when marketing to them.

Secondly, the medical industry is very based on referrals and networking. Specialists (and allied health professionals) need to have their services referred by a GP for example. So if you can get some allied health customers that are your champions and actively refer to you I think that it is much easier to get work this way because of the trust relationship.

Thirdly, you need to realise that the person you are speaking to is not always the final decision maker. Providers are very busy at the best of times, so you usually need to convince the “gatekeeper” before you get anywhere near the decision maker.

Every professional in the medical industry has an association. For the allied health market you should start at http://www.ahpa.com.au and they then have links to all the different associations. Maybe you could see if you could offer their members a “special price” or something.

Finally, please make sure that the practice management software that you will be using to make appointments and process Medicare & DVA transactions electronically can be used for all different fields and is appropriately accredited from Medicare Australia for processing DVA Allied Health claims.

Sorry for the long post but hopefully will give you something to think about. Always around if you want to chat some more.

Good Luck with it all :)