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Hi Michelle,

Had a quick look at your site and my main comment was you need to read a lot of text to see that you just click on the photo of something you like to order it.

I would put a great big ORDER NOW button on the landing page. Which would then open to your products, with a picture of each type of product – again with a big ORDER NOW. So, there’s be one one-tier cake, one two tier etc etc, then when you click the order now you get on to the full portfolio of each kind. Than, again ORDER NOW under each picture.

People don’t like to read, and your landing page has less than 10 secs to grab their attention . So you need to make it easier for them.

Also, you are operating in a fairly niche market with strong competition, so you need your USP/POD to be prominent. Why should I buy from you instead of one of the other nappycake makers??

Hope this helps (and you can understand it!)