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1. consider ditching the wordy home page for product specials that will make people want to dig deeper into the site. No one wants to read a 500wd article about your business. Look at other successful websites, this is not used as a home page methodology as its a good way to kill interest and create click-away.

2. You have no calls-to-action!
Calls to action are critical to creating conversion in your site. Each product should have a link or a button under it with an option to BUY IT NOW. Dont assume people will come flocking to you just because its there. You need to direct their clicks where you need them to be (ie making sales for you)

3. It may be personal taste but I really dont like the cream and pink colour scheme. Some A/B testing would quickly show you what colour scheme works best. My hunch is that this one is problematic.

4. Exploit your target market this with cute photos of babies wearing your products. Your product will sell with the “awwwwww” factor. At the moment, its a bit clinical given what it is you’re selling. More baby pics, lots of them, and cuuuuute.

5. There’s a whole cloth nappy movement at the moment (we have a 4 month old and my wife is really into it)… some stuff about the advantages… dot points… exploit the existing belief set about cloth nappies by tapping into the reasons mums prefer them to disposables. Also there are some really cute designs, but Im not seeing them in your images.

– its not enough to say “heres a product” – you need to extol the benefits of the product also, so any sane person reading it would feel convinced they are the best possible option (ie they would be silly not to buy it). Its the difference between “this is the product” and “this is why you need the product”

6. You offer free delivery australia wide, but this fact is buried on its own page. This relies on an assumption that people will read the site in its entirety. They wont. FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE should be clearly plastered on every sales page. Particularly where a price is mentioned.

Hope this is not too blunt. If you are doing the site work yourself, google “website conversion” and “landing page design”

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