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Firstly I wish to say thankyou so very much to everyone that has replied. I have been very busy with family things and when I logged on tonight I was amazed to see so many responses! My mind is boggling!!

There are so many good points on here, some of which I have been thinking about already. Yes my site is built by me and may not look as professional as some of the others, but with the budget I have I am trying. I have learnt so much in the last year. When I started, my computer/internet knowledge was very minimal and I had never heard of SEO and other jargon. Now I know most of what you are talking about, mind you I have learnt some more things are researching some of what you have mentioned.

I realise it is a very competitive market that is covered by many businesses, some of which have been doing it for many years. Trying to figure out what is the best way to optimise the site has been a talking point in my house ever since I started. I have changed the site a few times now, including the logo and from the feedback I am getting, it is getting better everytime. It is so time consuming, as I’m sure you all know. I understand to get the sales I have to put the time and effort in and I am willing to do that.

I really enjoying making Nappy Cakes and to see people’s faces when they purchase them, esp the custom ones makes it all worthwhile. Also, to know that I am selling products that new mums REALLY need, not like what other businesses try to sell them which never get used, is very rewarding. I like helping people and making their lives easier. That is why I started all this and to get my brain working again on something other than being a housewife and mum.

Over the coming weeks I will sift through all the suggestions people have made and make some changes to my site to help improve it. Trying to decide what to use and what is best for me will be the difficult bit. But I will keep trying. I haven’t given up this far. I am going to see how things go in the next year, probably change my website provider as well once my contract runs out, and if things really don’t improve I will downgrade a bit and make it a real hobby and stop trying to run it as a proper business. Not giving up, just realising that I have tried my hardest with what I resources I have.

Thankyou again everyone for your advice and suggestions. I really appreciate it.
Have a great day!

Munchkin Nappy Cakes.