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MunchkinNappyCakes, post: 105934 wrote:
Yes my site is built by me and may not look as professional as some of the others, but with the budget I have I am trying.

Hi Michelle,

The thing is (and I have learned this the hard way!), it’s false economy to do some things yourself when you are not an expert. So yes, you might have to spend some $$$ to get a developer to do your site and little more to get some professional copywriting done, but at the end of the day, if that makes you a credible income, isn’t it worth it? And depending on your situation, you might be able to get a small business grant on low-interest micro-business loan.

Also, as people have told me…if you take weeks to develop a website, because you are not an expert, it means you are not doing making money concentrating on your core business.

I did my site myself, and every time I look at it I think of things that could be improved. Not to mention I spent a few days just on the site, instead of spending that time earning an income!!! I should have outsourced from the start – but, I too, was trying to save money. I’m now in the process of getting a developer on board to fix it!