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The Infotainer
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themot, post: 105993 wrote:
Nicole hit the nail on the head.

Time and time again it amazes me how people get into online business and just won’t spend a dime on the site.

Have a look at this site: http://www.nappycake.com.au/

Everything about that site is great! Nice design, not too text heavy and they have proffesional images of their products. If you shopped around you could do all they have done for under 3k

If you haven’t got the money to spend on a professionally designed site your going to really struggle to make a go of it. The website doesn’t have to cost a lot, you could probably get it all done for 3k.

nice link and thats what your competing against, your product is a premium product, you wouldn’t buy or expect a ferari sales man to be in jeans you would expect them to be in an expensive suit.

people judge you on your packaging before they judge you on your content

you don’t have a budget – $3k is heaps Personally I would never spend that on a site – for you right now, I sent a message talking about cpanel and cubecart and zen cart,

these free web scripts will get you on the track to make the money to invest in a better site down the track and they are free and you can get them looking pretty good.

just install one in a sub folder on your server and play with it until it’s right and then do a redirect (I can show you how to redirect if you want) plus they have help forums to help fix problems you encounter, I belive your server has cpanel which would mean it has fantastico which lists about 50 self install webscripts (calendar, wordpress shopping carts forums and many other scripts for free and they install by themselves)