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SEO is really pretty easy but depends almost entirely on keyword competition (the number of sites competing for the keywords people would use to find your site). Long tail keywords are easier than short. For example “kids clothes” = hard, “kids clothes australia” = easier “kids clothes (city)” not too hard, “kids clothes (suburb)” = really easy.

Two components:

1. on page. Make sure you have the pages constructed correctly with the right use of tags etc.

2. off page. Links to your site from other sites. This can easily be outsourced and now is a good time to do that, as the methodology is continually becoming more widespread with more and more companies competing for the same places.

Then there’s social media, but thats a whole other area and there’s a lot to think about there. FWIW my take is get (1 and 2) right, then begin the longer process of making social media and content elements work for you.

No doubt others will have plenty to say on this subject also …