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May I suggest that you adjust your priorities? Making price your number one concern is not going to give you a system that is going to work best for you.

You haven’t mentioned anything about what sort of information you want to get out of the system to assist you to run your business. This is the FIRST question I ask all my clients when they ask about software.

If you are dead set on going for the cheapest out there then I’d say go and get one of the free online ones but there will be no guarantee it will be Australian compliant, able to produce invoices/receipts in AUD, have decent support, have anyone to assist with bookkeeping on it (if the need arose).

If it was me, I’d go for Xero and be done with it. It will save you time over any other system so the cost of ownership is much less. The bank feeds will be a massive benefit to you with the number of transactions you are looking to have. You can get a Cashbook version (no invoicing) of it (only available via Partners) which is cheaper than the $49 a month normal version.

Again, I highly recommend you look at your needs before price.