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Mate thanks very much for the reply. Understand what you are saying regarding priorities but to be honest, as this is a side project for me and I don’t really know how the business is going to go, I want to keep my initial expenditure as low as possible… if things take off I can look at expanding the business from there and paying more for things such as accounting software. I do want something though that is Australian compliant, the hassles of something which is not made for Australian taxation law would not be worth the reduced (free) price.

To be honest the only thing I really want out of the system is to keep track of my revenues and expenditures so that I know how the business is going and can easily complete my tax return at the end of the year. As mentioned before, this is very much a side project for me.

One thing I did forget to mention is that the payment system I will be using is PayPal… something which will go straight from PayPal in to my accounting software would be preferable.

I will check out xero… but what did you mean by only available via partners?

Thanks again!