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If you’re targeting a saturated, and thereby popular, market and you’re bold enough to believe that you have something different to offer, then I wish you the best of luck and applaud you in your venture. Cream rises to the top. If you have the best offering in the market, you deserve success. Good luck to you for taking on the big boys. Having said that, the Chrisco guys n gals have been in hiding for a few years haven’t they. Not wishing to be topical, but the big dotcom hoo ha, I forget the blokeys name, lives in the NZ ranch that used to be the Chrisco residence, didn’t he. I don’t suppose that’s overly relevant but perhaps you can take that as inspiration. The Status Quo is in turmoil, get in there and offer something different. Personally i’ve never been into Christmas pudding or Egg Nog. Give me chocolate Gateau and Heineken and you’re onto a winner.