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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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Very rare indeed. top 20% and they charge an arm and a leg (rightfully so).

You know as well as i do that in the main, most experienced are still doing things like it’s the 80s.

Also, the amount they charge is so little, they have to deal with lots of clients which takes them away from personal and self development time.

My simple test on this is what was the last 3 courses you did in your industry and what can you offer that the majority from your industry cannot. often, i get blank stares.

maybe it’s my engrish.

yourvirtualboard, post: 106039 wrote:
What about those that have experience and are always learning to sharpen the saw?

There are very capable people that may not have the experience and then there are also very capable people that do. I know what my choice would be.