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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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based on what you have shared, you need to learn more about your customer. you offer may not be as great as you think especially if you are not getting high number of leads and conversions.

you are jumping from tactic to tactic. Business is not sexy or shiny. it can be boring but the fun part is when you are counting and spending the increased returns. go back and retest headline, copy, font type and size, color, flyer size, delivery location.

if customers are not interested in referring, you have a problem with your message and positioning.

if you have a high attendance to workshops but low conversion, you are not answering the following question:

“why should i buy from you today as opposed to buying from your competitor or do nothing at all?”

I believe you have done YOUR best but not THE best. It’s time to engage a business coach.

can u please share some pictures of the exterior / entrance?