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I would disagree, more than half and I think the figure is close to 70% of people research online BEFORE they buy, and this could be before they buy OFFLINE as well not just for online purchases – so one bad comment can really lose you sales. At least colleagues keep it between themselves. An online comment will live forever on the internet – and as the page ages, the better it ranks. Also not everyone listens to the people they know in real like for advice on purchases, depending on the category of the purchase. Some people may give more weight to the blogger that knows that topic back to front over their mum or workmate.

Not something to be taken lightly.

King, post: 106474 wrote:
there is enough word of mouth offline not to worry too much about online.

Online, like online news sites story commenters, are just the ranters hiding behind their screens. They can and do because they can.

Its the ones who talk face to face with friends and colleagues that are the important ones.