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Hi Tiggerito thanks for the reply.

Yes I’m looking at integrating with the Adwords API to bring the keywords in using the keyword suggest features similar to the Google Keyword tool. It’s taking them a while to give me access plus it costs money which is a bit of a bummer.

I’m just planning on using the search API for the search position, it’s limited in terms of the number of requests you can make and it can’t be automated which is a bummer but I don’t know of any better ways of doing it.

Yeah that’s an interesting point about showing more data about your own keywords – i.e conversions etc it’s an interesting angle that I’m not sure other tools are really pursuing so I’ll think about that a bit more.

Tiggerito, post: 107763 wrote:
I see you added Analytics import. You can also do Google Webmaster Tools and AdWords importing. All via downloaded csv files or APIs

I suggest you make sure your tool merges keywords as it imports. You can then pull in the extra data from all these tools and periodically update the data. Ad impressions, search impressions, visitors, conversions and a lot more fields may help in analysing a keywords potential.

I also like the idea of a historical graph with tasks and events.

How are you going to gather the SERPs data?