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The Copy Chick
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Hi Olivia, there’s been some fantastic advice given to you so far. Keeta made a great point about what kind of business you have, as to how you use social media.

Personally, I’ve had quite a few conversions from Facebook and Twitter (40% of my work) and not once have I blatantly asked for work. Instead I write a blog with helpful hints and tips and feed this through my social networks. I also spend time commenting on and sharing other people’s content, which encourages the spirit of reciprocity.

At the end of the day, I try to keep it fun and relevant and make my networks an enjoyable, interesting place for people to be. This helps establish relationships and then whenever someone is in need of a copywriter, I hope I’m one of the first names that springs to their mind.

It’s not about being pushy, it’s about being genuine. (At least for me.)

That said, a great site to visit for HEAPS of resources on everything marketing and social media is Hubspot. They have loads of free ebooks on everything to do with marketing online and I’m sure you’ll find some useful information there.

And finally, look at who your friends and business associates follow. Who seems to be doing well? What can you learn from their examples?

Anna :)