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Evo ‘the marketing guy’, post: 106748 wrote:
Are you interested in lead conversion, or just having a conversation with your customers and potential customers?

My advice for most small businesses is not to bother with social media if you are interested in lead conversion!

What? Burn this man at the stake! Heretic!

Social media is a great big black hole where you can invest massive amounts of time for very little – and I do mean little – return.

Bang for buck you would be far better off focusing on search engine marketing, google adwords, writing a blog (for SEO), face to face networking, in fact, just about anything else.

Most recently, I have watched three very successful B2C websites in my work environment spend massive resources on Facebook.

And how many Facebook visitors have filled out an enquiry form? None. Not one!

Social media is fun. It is the new buzz. That doesn’t mean it is an effective business tool for lead generation.

Absolutely agree. I used to spend 4 hours a day, 7 days a week on Facebook. Did all the right things, had 2000 likers and the page was BUSY. But did it convert to sales? Very few. I think my likers just wanted to be entertained. Now, I’m putting that time in to SEO and have vastly improved search rankings to show for it. And now I have time to scratch myself.