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I have a client who has a similar problem but instead of him saying or writing the wrong things, his competitor is putting things out there about him. He’s an American living here in Australia and his competitor is in the US. Much larger company with a lot more cash to spend and my client has no idea how to fight it or what to do. At the moment he has a copywriter working with him and I’m helping him revamp his website – fresh new look in the hope that it might help. He has a good Google Page Rank and Alexa Ranking but they’re gradually falling. He does get lots of visitors but not as many sales as he used to get. He has quite a few affiliates populating the web with his business name so that is a plus for him but still the competitor has been gradually undermining him. I’m at a loss what to tell him to do but can only work to help him improve his standing online with his website.