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MelissaN, post: 106992 wrote:
I’m in Olivia’s shoes. 15 minutes is not enough & 4 hours is too much!

I’m actually trying to hire someone to do this for me. Well, manage the marketing side on the SNs at least.

I want to build my client base, not spend hours searching for topics of interest to update website/SN sites. I’d never get any work done & with the clients I do have, they don’t seem to use these anyway. A bit of a catch 22 imo.

Aww not true, 1 client did come from one of the forums (probably here).

But still, with a hectic schedule as it is (i.e. fulltime work, part time business looking to go full time as client base increases, studies, health needs & home-life), how can it be done effectively without outsourcing?

I think 15 minutes is plenty. It’s what you do, not how long you spend doing it.