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Excuse my ignorance, but a lot of what is being discussed and called cloud seems to merely be another word for remote server…

Seems a lot of it can be handled just through your regular web host.

I always thought cloud was simultaneous data on multiple servers in multiple locations that eliminated any risk of downtime/slow speeds.

DJ_m, post: 109174 wrote:
There is another way. You can mail it. But then you are in the hands of the postal service. You could email it directly if we had fast enough broadband, but then you’d be in the hands of the internet service and whomever manufactured all of your hardware.

Ultimately you will always be relying on third parties. Always.

Cloud storage is dirt cheap even with the best providers. If you have critical information that you and your clients rely upon then you need to choose the best provider.

This conversation reminds me of the ‘Everything is Amazing But Nobody Is Happy’ by Louis C.K..