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Dear Caroll,

Congratulations on getting into the tutoring business! I have been there before and it is very rewarding :) especially if you turn it into a tight business.

In your situation you will be in high demand given your direct teaching experience! Excellent start!

I recommend using rooms in public libraries because it can make students more willing to meet you (less confronting than the tutors house or visiting theirs) and it is safer for both of you.

I have a page on my blog about creating a website for tutoring services but the simple answer is weebly because its easy to create something that looks great.

I like your name Advantage Tutors – as I found the majority of adult students required tutoring to catch up (by a means other than school) or get ahead of their class (preparing for exams etc).

Best of luck!

ps: I don’t mean to hijack your thread but I have written lots of guides (free obviously) to the questions you’ve posed. http://www.thetutorista.weebly.com All my answers come from experience running a tutor agency with up to 6 tutors at a time in adult tuition (TAFE, university, languages, etc). Let me know if you have any questions :)