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Hi Gordy, Great post. I get excited whenever I come across a new business from Brissy. I went through a similar process to find a good “DIY” ecommerce solution and, like you, landed with V. It was truly a piece of cake to set up the site and customise the site, including setting up reliable payment systems, online coupons, postage and tax config, and newsletters.

I also trialled Australian providers (including some of those listed elsewhere in this thread) and without saying anything particularly negative of them, I found Volusion had better support, more features and was the best value by far (and the cheapest, even with the US currency conversion).

Although they are American, I like that V have a content delivery network that ensures quick load times in Australia and around the world. I have tested against sites I know to be hosted by some of the Aussie providers and found that my site runs quicker and smoother. One downside perhaps is that API access is only available if you are on the more/most expensive plan/s.

I am currently experimenting with Joomla but, for me, I think this will take a lot more time and training to get used to. Has anyone had a particularly great experience with any other eCommerce solutions not mentioned here?

Cheers :-)