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While many points raised on both sides are certainly valid to my eyes, I can’t help but wonder why the question “how do I delete my profile?” needed asked in it’s own thread.

If this is something that was genuinely being wondered about, or if the issues raised in asking this question were looking for genuine guidance, I would’ve thought that contacting any of the admins (via the many different ways of doing so) would’ve sorted it all out.

It doesn’t seem that this was the genuine desire, and instead this looks like quite an involved Dummy Spit.

To those that found issue with the OP’s comments, and to the OP of this thread as well: Grow Up.

This forum has it’s own bosses and they have their own rules. You don’t like ’em, you’re free to discuss them with them. They are nice people as well as being intelligent and articulate, so communication and good discussion is par-for-course.

My 11-yo is a farter. Boy can he fart. My 9-yo burps like she’s part hippo. At my table, burps are allowed, farting is not. Boy thinks this is unfair, girl thinks it’s awesome. Both are free to question this rule, and sometimes do, but it’s mine and it isn’t going to change. If they don’t like it, they can eat somewhere else.