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BlueTiger, post: 107582 wrote:
Have you ever raised these issues with them?

I have. I got a quick reply. I sent them some more information. I haven’t heard anything since.

What concerned me here particularly, is that neither of these features is overly complex in its design or difficult to find. Hotfrog is hardly the world’s most complex interface. It’s pretty simple stuff really.

To be down for that length of time and to have such simple and obvious bugs in GA software is just rubbish. It’s basic stuff. It should be picked up in testing. As Gordon Ramsay says, “Keep your mistakes in the kitchen”. Same applies here.

IMO, if a company doesn’t care sufficiently to properly test its own products before going to market, they can’t possibly be doing their best for me.

It’s much the same as the difference between a guy wearing a fitted suit and looking smart, and a guy with a poor fitting suit who looks scruffy. You don’t send the scruffy guy home and ask him to smarten himself up and then buy from him.