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I have to cautiously disagree with some of the replies ITT.

Whilst I do believe that offering a personal touch can go a long way (and even appreciate the personal touch from people I do business with). I think it is a very fine line to play on.

For me personally (and I hope I am not the only one), Getting the job done right and when I want it is my number 1, getting the price right is my number 2, and getting that happy feeling because the person I do business takes an interest in me is number 3.

Another consideration is you can’t properly track “being personal” You can track a promotion or referral campaign but what parameters would you set for you be nice/back cupcakes campaign?

Also, being too personal can some times create burdens and expectations you may not be able to handle in the future. I have been involved in a couple of business truncations that went south because of it – in particular on one occasion a client felt that I would let them off the hook for some work completed “because we were mates and all”

It’s not all bad, but remember, if your backing cup cakes one year… you’ll probably be doing it every year after and do you really want to? :P