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flower-child, post: 107444 wrote:
have you attended any trade shows – there are hundreds of wholesalers at each one?

How do you go about finding trade shows? I have never heard of any in my area, but more to the point I wouldn’t know where to look

gibler, post: 107415 wrote:
Hey everyone. I have started a new online business for kids clothes. I have found a few good suppliers but I am now out of ideas. I have searched and searched for some wholesalers in Australia but I keep coming up with overseas wholesalers. Does anyone have any suppliers that are trusting and not too expensive. I am also starting to get in boutique clothing also, which again is find an Australian wholesaler with great quality.
I would appreciate any suggestions as I am close to being googled out :) although I wont let it beat me!!

I am a member on Salehoo, a pretty good wholesale directory. From memory there are some aussie clothes wholesalers, I will have a look tonight and PM you any