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Thanks Peter

I’d love to discuss this more with you are interested, in this thread too so others can be a part of it – i am not looking to debate, more just discuss and understand your views as forum administrator. I have a thought up a quick scenario which If presented to you I wonder what your response would be…

For my scenario, I have decided to pick on Khalid Adam – He IMHO is great contributed to FS and I enjoy reading his posts. He is well educated and has invested immensely in self development and greatly shares his learnings and recommendations with the FS community.

Now, Imagine one author of one of the many self development courses Khalid has participated in was to stubble on the the FS solo and see Khalid despencing wisdom on such subjects as Marketing/Finance that had a very close resemblance to work they had published and then claim copyright infringement or piracy against Khalid or this website directly?

Would you agree that Khalid has breeched copy right by sharing what some else has created, that he has learned? Or agree that Khalid has the right to share such information?

Would you remove Khalid or his posts at the weight of threat or would you conduct your own investigation into the merit of the claim before acting (or even seek independent advice?)

Sorry for directing this thread in another direction to the OP but all base are belong to us.