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Couple It, post: 107673, member: 20385 wrote:
I’m looking for someone (or two) to join me once a week as an accountability buddy.

I see us meeting for an early morning coffee, preferably Monday to kick off the week, around 7-7.30am so as not to interfere with the day’s work. We would each set specific goals for the coming week, with measurable results, and consequences for not reaching our goals, and commit to achieving them. Then we would report our results the following week, and so on.

I’m NOR but would be happy to meet in the city. Nothing too structured or formal, I’m not looking for a three hour coffee and chat session lol I just need to be accountable to someone outside of my support network…if you’re interested, please PM me.

Wendy :)

Hi, my name is Kaye and I am also looking for an accountability buddy. I would prefer someone in Perth, south of the river. My criteria is similar to Wendy’s.

  • Early morning meetings, early week.
  • Time capped at 1-1.5 hours.
  • Set goals for the week.
  • Hold each other accountable.
  • Business focused goals.

I am an IC personality profile and am looking for a D or C preferably. I am looking to develop a long term supportive friendship rather than a program where you pay for 5 weeks or the like.