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Neddy, post: 107698 wrote:
Absolutely agree with this. I run a forum for Aussie domainers, and as a publisher I have to be so careful.

It doesn’t matter what “disclaimers” you put on a site – ultimately as a publisher you can be dragged into a defamation action.

Just look what happened with Marieke Hardy and her blog.


And apparently the guy is now having a smack at Twitter (good luck with that!).

Cheers, Ned

This is where I would like to jump in with a serious post.

I loath this! (Not King or Neddy – They seem alright)

What I do loath is despite my previous comments regarding a lack of explicit free speech law in Australia – Creating accountability for a forum for the posts of a contributor is ludicrous.

This threat shouldn’t even be a consideration of this website other than, if they were to be pursued for such reason they would fight tooth and nail for vindication.

Imagine if FB could be sued because of post or comment! Twitter because of a tweet! Mircosoft Outlook or Google Gmail because of a nasty email was sent?

I whole heartily support FS rules and guidelines. They exist not to “censor” anyone but rather serve to make this forum the business that it is. The policy about grievances has nothing to do with morality, law, what’s right or wrong. It has to do specially with the the FS business plan and the product they have designed this site/forum/network to be.

I am curios now though and must ask the FS admin team, If push came to shove regarding a thread or contributor of this website over accusations of unlawful activity (such as defamation or piracy) would you stand by your right to the free exchange of information until the accusations were proven by evidence or would action the said case immediately, with out resistance, with out evidence or proof and solely on the accusation?