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Thanks heaps all!!

Great ideas on where to distribute too. Will have to get the yellow pages out for addresses of those places!

AgentMail, great tips. I guess I was coming in it from the angle that there are still a lot of people who don’t know you can do this (many people I spoke to prior to setting up this business had no idea you could even do this). I’ll have to start thinking how to convince people to change to me if they are already doing it… tricky one, but well worth the effort I think! Thanks for putting my nose in the right direction.

Also will start on developing the back-side of the flyer. I was thinking of showing some more options what people could do (to have a generic backside on all my flyers which shows more ideas for photobooks), but really like your idea as well Jacqui. That could also become a generic back-side where people are shown how to do it. Love it!

King, I have the options to print relatively cheap so would be able to do A/B testing. But the hard part is to find a way to ‘test’ which one does best. I have tried to think about that. Creating a specific landing page for baby and wedding like http://www.pix2print.com.au/weddingphotobooks.htm would work, but that means I would be extending the web address on the card. Is that a good idea? I have always thought it is best to keep it short and simple so people don’t have to type in long addresses. I don’t know how else I could test this… Making use of my QR code is not really an options as people won’t be able to download the software onto their mobile devices…

Anyways, you have all given me great feedback which has provided me great things to start thinking about – thanks a lot for that!! Back to work on them now :-)