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Hi Drew,

I have just gone from a partnership to sole trader myself. Slightly different reasons to yours, but I htink you need to be honest to yourself and your partner. If things are not going to plan, to where you need it to go then you need to sit down with your partner and discuss things. You might be surprised what comes out of that. Good communication is very important in any relationship, business or not! If your partner really can’t or won’t go where the business needs to go, then you might have to discuss other options. Try discussing things in a non-threatening way / non-accusing way.
Agree with Ray as well, if you only thought of the idea in the last 24hours you are now very ‘full of it’. But just because you had this idea doesn’t mean your partner might not want to go that way. Let the idea mature a bit, maybe put some feelers out with your partner too to see how he reacts to the new idea.
Good luck!