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I would pretend you don’t know him and you don’t recall ever doing the work and that it is probably all in his head :) – make him think he is crazy.

I would tell him the honest truth, which I think would sound like this:

I am not Facebook so I cannot give you any answers as to why your page is no longer listed. I could perhaps stop by (you’ll probably want to do this in person if you can) and help you with a trouble shooting session/refresher on how to update the page – you would do this so you can see via his account if he has unpublished the page etc…

If during the troubling shooting session you are unable to resolve the issue, you have two choices now.

1. Tell him you can do the work again, it will cost X. – to do this you must be sure you are in no way responsible for the page vanishing (as he will blame you anyway).

2. You could do it for free/cheap and say I like you and I want your business for the long term so I am going to help you out, you did this “insert blame for the error in a light hearted way” you nuff nuff but as the super human expert I am, I can fix with ease.

That’s how I would consider handling it – make the decision based on future value of the client, but def give them a light poke about how much they need you :P