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JacquiPryor, post: 107805 wrote:
Hi ds23,

I would be happy to help. I am also in Melbourne but email is fine with me if this is your preference.

You can view my services, about me and testimonials at http://mmwtrademarks.com.au/about-us/ or shoot me an email – [email protected].

If you want to include a copy of your logo on the email I will do a preliminary search for you at no charge. This will ensure your logo is available and registrable. I will provide you with a written report, which will include information on what needs to happen next.

One of the key points to trademark registration is that you register in connection with the goods/services you intend to use your trademark to identify – ultimately you gain trademark rights in connection with those goods/services. If you could include a brief description of the type of products/services you will use your logo to ‘brand’ when you email, then I will be able to clearly identify and explain exactly what will be best for your logo’s protection.

I look forward to hearing from you :)

Hi Jacqui,

That sounds great.

I will be in contact with you via e-mail shortly (hopefully tonight).

Thanks for the other replies too everyone.