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FS Concierge, post: 107828 wrote:
Hi Jacqui and Victor,

Of course it was you two that I was thinking of when I said that. Where would the forum be without your generous advice???

Yes, please do add yourselves to the directory to make it easy for our members to find you :)


Hi Jayne – I am in the directory… somewhere (if I do a directory search on “Trademarks” I come up, but not sure what category I selected when initially listing, nor am I sure how to now change that if the one you posted is more appropriate? I will keep hunting.

Thanks also for your nice words. I get so much out of being on the FS forum from others that it’s only right to give back! I have had another member message me to suggest the Business Class membership following my category question last night… so, will certainly be keeping it in my :)