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yourvirtualboard, post: 108002 wrote:
Too many small and micro’s are put off by the traditional long documents and working from a template often produces a document that is just that and never implemented.

A business plan is no more than a to do list over time – keep it simple so that it means something and you can check progress and make sure you’ve covered the key areas like Sales & Marketing (what do you sell – how and how many), Operations (what do you do and how and what’s required to do this) and Finance / Admin (a budget and some simple systems / processes so that you do things consistently). I’ve summarised it down to 2 pages – objectives for the next 12 months and a budget for the next 12 months.

Great tip, thanks Harry :)

I have to write a business plan, having never done one before and you’re right, the thought of it is pretty daunting. But thinking about it as a to do list is far easier for my brain to handle!