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John Debrincat
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JohnSheppard, post: 108009 wrote:
Why is change your friend?

Change is a fact of life and if you ignore it the result will be that you will miss out on the opportunity that it might bring. Does every change mean effort or cost? Of course not stupid to think so. But if you are so time poor that you cannot assess each change opportunity then you have a bigger problem than the change itself.

JohnSheppard, post: 108009 wrote:
why you think gov departments and every big org still run Windows XP?

Corporations and government create a SOE (Standard Operating Environment) typically these are contractually connected to suppliers and the bureaucracy is an inhibitor. But having said that we see less of an issue in large corporations for change today and most are very proactive.

JohnSheppard, post: 108009 wrote:
In conclusion…wise person acknowledges change and stays the hell away from it… :)

All that means is that you potentially miss out on the competitive advantage that change may offer. We have seen that clearly on the retail sector with our large retailers refusing to embrace the changes to online retail at their own peril.

I have been in the IT industry and in business for more than 40 years and believe me when I say “change is your friend”.