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Hi Drew,

Here’s my 2 cents worth:

1). I would suggest you start paying your staff commission-based. That way they need to really work to earn their money. I’m not sure if replacing your staff is such a good idea. I have read a book written by the lady who brought out MOCKS (the socks for mobile phones) and she constantly (really constantly) replaced her staff and in only 2 years, she had the highest staff fluctuation rate possible.
It may be necessary here and there but you can also fall into a trap of constantly thinking you need to replace your staff. Which can not only be very time consuming (interview process wise) but also cost you a lot of money (advertising vacancies and training new staff).
Put it out there to your staff that you will be changing the pay system to commission-based – only paying them when the job gets done 100%, also considering if you had to look over it. Leave it up to them to quit or to stay. That will show you who’s really worth it and the bludgers will leave.

2). Take a deep breath and a step back. At the end of last year, I was nearly hyperventilating when I only thought of the workload ahead. I didn’t do anything business related during the Christmas break and took things slower. I am a little behind schedule of starting to sell but if I get sick because of all the stress I couldn’t do anything when I’m sick, could I?

A virtual assistant is a good idea. Send me a PM if you need a suggestion. And also outsourcing your website building.

If you do decide to keep your staff, a team building workshop may be a good idea. It doesn’t have to cost the world. Canoeing or something like this, competing against each other in teams etc…

All the best!