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Well, I am not sure how it is for everyone else but ever since started working on my business I have had more ideas that flow from the original one than I have time in the day to follow such as new markets, new angles and so forth. If you dont have any real idea on where you would like to go. Why not hit up some flying solo members and see if they want to join forces. For example, someone who makes candy for stores may be eager to get also into markets and the like but not have the time to explore that option. I for example am looking at expanding into high schools and online- two angles that at the moment I am struggling to find time to work realistically in because of the amount of time the main focus of my business takes so I am always on the look out for a potential “outsourcing” opportunity.

Most outsourcing simply do a service etc or something but if you could sell yourself as a complete business outsource- someone who could take the business in a completely different angle that the other person wants to go but doesnt have the resources or hours to commit to it- that would definitely be something!

hope that helped

Dingo, post: 109147 wrote:
Hi everyone,

Wow – thanks for all the replies in such a short time. That is very encouraging!

Jayne & Virginia: Speaking with a mentor & brainstorming do sound like the logical next steps. I am based in Sydney and have googled the Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) – they seem to offer these types of service. Does anyone have experience with them, or alternative organisations?

HarryLuke & erinna: I have actually produced a reasonably long idea list with about 60 entries. Some of them are hopeless but not all. This time last year I got very close to starting an online Bridal Registry business until market research showed it is a shrinking market (young couples prefer to ask for money these days). Some of the other ideas just don’t feel ‘right’ to me.

As for hobbies – I don’t get much time these days in my current role (which requires weekly interstate travel) and with a young fam at home – but in my past I enjoyed intrepid travel, occasional tinkering on the guitar, watching footy (AFL) – pretty normal stuff. Its worth adding here that I am very analytical by nature – so enjoy doing thorough research into things (like real estate, or other purchases).

Tedious & NathanB: Thanks for the suggestions I will have a look at these.

Daniel12345: Sorry but can you explain a bit more what you mean by this? A type of consulting or resource / outsourcing function?

Hope my response wasn’t too long – and appreciate the feedback from seasoned soloists!

Dingo Dave