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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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You state in your signature “get ranked”. come on, ranking doesnt mean you get more customers. it also doesnt mean you get ranked for the right keywords or that you will stay on top long. :)

I never implied that it is THE measure of success but it is A measure of success.

The ultimate metric is cost per sale but that’s an umbrella metric made up many small metrics. to say that these mini metrics are a distraction is ignorant and amateurish. ;)

We analyse all these “distracting” metrics as means to optimise the ultimate cost per sale.. btw, i can reduce CTR and increase total sales but that is a different topic.

The other part is conversion and then it’s about increasing frequency of transaction, average transaction size, average referral per customer, average life time value, average number of leads from JVs / affiliates and on and on on….

You’ve demonstrated that you know your stuff. Great, i get it and i hope someone calls you and becomes your client.

In the mean time, which do you think boosted CTR and why? By the way, one got a result of 2% and there other 9.1%. 😎

Netboost SEO, post: 108981 wrote:
CTR is not a metric which measures success – there is only one metric that can tell you success and that is ROI. All that the 450% increase in click through means is that it cost you 450% more :)

Many people let metrics like cost per click, click through rate, and even conversion rate distract them. Why? Because they are either ignorant of how to measure their ROI or are too lazy.