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mrsbrown, post: 109863 wrote:
Hi – I am looking to upgrade both my shopping e-cart website and then switch to a compatible online accounting software program.

I need to see a dashboard/snapshot of daily financial status including stock held etc.

I currently use a “template” shopping cart through magicdust.com.au and a very basic cash books set up through excel for my accounts (very manual!)

Can anyone recommend affordable and user friendly option/s for a small business?

As far as ecommerce goes Magento is your go to. I deal with large SEO companies on a daily basis with my clients, and they always get me to suggest Magento.

I use it for a few of my clients and I have found that it has great scale. You can start off using it for free, and if you grow it can grow with you.

If you need any help with setting up a Magento account just send me a private message and I will send through some instructions.

Hope this helps