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Interesting that this thread began about Virtual STAFF and now it’s about Virtual ASSISTANTS. There is a difference.

I am a Virtual Assistant and have been for over 18 years. I am not anyone’s employee and it is really important that people understand the difference between employing someone versus engaging a self-employed business operator. If you’re employing someone there will be tax implications involved and it’s important that people consider those things.

It really concerns me that people start talking about VAs and Virtual Assistants when they are also talking about employees in the same breath.

Important also that people realise that self-employed business operator Virtual Assistants will have overheads just as any other business operator has and we need to be able to cover those costs. However, it does mean that we’re the ones paying taxes and insurances, and all the other overheads you would normally have if engaging an employee.

I have done a quick scan of this thread and didn’t see a discussion on the difference here so thought I’d make a comment.