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Garenius, post: 116252 wrote:
As someone who ran a pretty large blog (50k views and 100k page views so far), I can’t see the logic of getting someone to pay to write your posts. Personally I have hired 4 people, and they all write content for me without pay because they just genuinely enjoy the content provided by my blog. Just my luck I guess.

It depends on the blog. I have a couple of regular freebie posting gigs because of the audience they reach and the fact that their target market encompasses mine.

But, ya know, I’m not writing about industrial cleaning or modern cloth nappies for no reward! And quite frankly, it’s views such a yours that stick in my craw. Why shouldn’t writers get paid for their time and expertise, the same as any other professional?

As for how much you would expect to pay, I would suggest that anything less than about $40-$50/ 300-500 word blog post and you will be sacrificing quality for price. Same goes for similar-sized article writing.

From what I can see through my market research when I was launching, expect to pay between $60-$150/hour for professional business writing. Blogs are probably at the lower end, white papers, annual reports etc at the higher..