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JewellerTracy, post: 116222 wrote:
Hi All,
I’ve been running a small part-time business and using the ATO’s e-record for my bookkeeping and accounting. I loved it, worked really well and was simple, but…they no longer have it, and my computer crashed and I lost this whole year’s worth of entries. My new computer won’t accept the old e-record installation so I have to find something else.

I’ve downloaded a trial of Quickbooks, but am not keen on it. I’ve also downloaded a trial of MYOB but haven’t used it yet.

Hoping some of you can suggest or recommend something for me. I have no employees and never intend to, I’m a sole trader. MYOB is a little more expensive than I’d like, but if it’s the best thing to use, I’ll go with it.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.


Hi Tracy, I beleive your best option is to use Xero online Cloud Accoutning Solution. Please see our website http://www.cloudaccountingaustralia.com.au/pricing/ as we can get your Xero Subscription, get you set up and also attend to all your tax compliance work for a very low cost monthly subscriotion costs. Let me know if we can help further.