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Hi OJ,

Welcome to the brutal world of website critiquing.

I think Matthew, Victor and Adrian are showing you some tough love to get the look back on track as it does need refinement.

The overall layout is fine you just need to polish the main elements up and you’ll be fine.

Now the portfolio, don’t feel that you have to have a lot of items there as you seem to have put up some very old styled work which will send people running for elancer and the like. You have a few really nice ones in there so show them and get the others off there. (And they need to be your own work too).

If you like the monitor style for presenting a portfolio then check out this $12 plugin at codecanyon as it will look much better and be very easy to add more items to later.
estro jquery ken burns swipe effect-slider

I wish you well in the web business and remember the key is referrals, referrals, referrals. Happy customers you give great service are your PR machine and graphic designers who you can build websites for will send you regular predictable work.

This is my best advice for long term reliable flow of work.
All the best.