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ojwebdesign, post: 116630 wrote:
Hi FlyingSolo Community,

ive started my own Web Design & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Business.
i would to get feed back from a visitor/ business person point of view.

1. what do you rate my site? (0 being crap, 5 being great)
2. what more can i add to my site?
3. what needs changing?

the website link is Website Design Melbourne

I would highly recommend your honest opinion.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
Elegant Web Designs

I’ll be completely honest with you: It’s a zero from me.

You can’t own and operate a web design business if you can’t do web design. Your site is a badly customized WordPress theme and that, to me, is extremely dishonest when you are claiming to sell people a “unique website design”.

It’s also really apparent that you’re pretty bad with SEO because of the written copy of your site. You’re just spamming the terms “website design” throughout your text.

I’m sorry if this comes across as rude, but this is a really dreadful site and is a borderline scam. But, then again, most places that advertise themselves as SEO experts or specialists usually are. An opinion I hold that is sure to be controversial in these forums (as a lot of those types frequently post here), but it’s absolutely true.