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Jayne Tancred, post: 122909 wrote:
…I was thinking about you the other day and wondering whether you’d made any progress, so was hoping you might drop back in and give us an update….

Hi Jayne
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately is has not progressed very far at all.

As I mentioned my main concern is liability. Insurance brokers have come back to me after looking and said insurance companies would only insure me for the standard cover (if someone tripped, or loss and damage, etc) …..basically the standard public liability claims.
However they would not cover me to any damage caused by the medical product itself (eg, if it caused cancer, or it blew up in someones face, etc). …which is exactly what I wanted cover for. Please note that this device is a very common device which can be sourced from places like the US, UK so there are some level of standards they have to conform to, also from the 5 years of selling this device, we have never heard of these things injuring someone.

I am still currently waiting for some insurance brokers to get back to me though. If they say they will not insure me, well what am I to do? ….would people really stop to a grinding halt on progress because you cant insure yourself from liability??

it also makes me wonder, all these people importing products into the country, are they getting the necessary channels and paperwork, insurance covers etc? I have no idea!