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Khalid Adam, post: 118426 wrote:
actually, the simplest thing that works is to make the business owner a figurehead as in the case of aussie home loans, mad ron, crazy john, proactive accountants network (nixon advantage), famous amos, UTK, minimovers, wendy’s, mcdonalds (ray croc), kfc, lindsay fox, singleton, sunland, l.j. hooker (was bankrupt), ray white, microsoft, apple, nintendo, toyota, honda, walt disney, mercedes, general electric, general motors, and the list goes on.

my point is they just have to be the face and don’t even have to run the business. their personal brand extends the trust to the company. in some cases, they are still the unofficial figure head long after their death.

That’s what I was saying… those businesses were scaleable. Take Lindsay Fox as an example. He started with just one truck… although he is the figure head of his empire, his truck was the foundation. He could take a day off and his business could still deliver (see what did there!)

When looking at SME’s, particularly consultants or services like web designers, it is their skills and labour which is their product. Take them out of the picture and the business it self is not longer there. It isn’t the easiest thing to combat but it can be done quite simply by creating good quality operational procedures founded upon a set of core values, that way if and when the time comes for you to expand or exit, your business can carry on with a new people.