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Aidan, post: 119115 wrote:
I can’t agree G is fighting a losing battle or even that the link building you do today may become harmful in the future, I didn’t see any evidence of it in Penguin!

On the contrary, G is fighting a great battle in its bid to negate links that are easily gained, Penguin did a great job of wiping out the link value from manipulated linking. Pages that were ranked on the basis of good quality non-manipulative links have all remained or even benefited from the drop in ‘artificial’ competition.

I think many people think they were harmed or penalised in Penguin when no such thing occurred, its just that the value of their incoming links dropped so their rankings dropped too, radically if all or most of your links were anchor text links and/or blog network links.

This could potentially happen again if say G was to decide to negate the value of all directory links or blog links or whatever but thats no reason to stop using those now in the worry they might cause penalisation next year, again its not penalisation, just an algorithm change that you can recover from!

Aiden, correct me if I’m wrong, but in one of your posts you clearly mentioned that after the “Penguin Update” the search results were quite terrible and that the “Geeks” at “G” were working overtime to correct the inadequacies. Wouldn’t you agree that after so many years of trying to improve its Algo’s, that the “Penguin” update should have been of a higher calibre?

The fact is, it is not. There are still spammy sites getting through, sites with poor and shallow content, and search results only spotlighting Brand names people don’t particularly want to see in the search results.

In any case Aiden, only time will tell what eventuates, and whether “G” devalues present link-building practices and utilise its own social signal platform.