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Aidan, post: 119341 wrote:
Hey Weha – I am totally with that thought


..does it have anything

…at all

.. to do with

… your opening statement that “Link-building is redundant”?

Quite a lot actually Mr MagicDust…

Here is the simple formula…

Link buildiing is redundant = no traffic = no leads = no income = a doomed business model. What’s left for SMB’s? = Adwords

That’s the whole point of this thread Aiden, “It’s called “Link-Bait”…

BTW, I heard from the “Grape-Vine” that “G” will soon release the “Batman’ update which should put the “Penguin” update to rest. I’m crossing my fingers the “Cartel Method”, which did wonders for Uri’s website to rank on first page again, that it does…lol…:D